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  • Monday, February 06, 2006

    Comb-Overs: Make Them Stop!

    Let me begin by saying I have a full and healthy head o' hair. And let me also say that I fully understand that there are those that are not so blessed. I have but one thing I'd like to say to those lacking hair on the top of their head...DO NOT DO THE COMB-OVER.

    You see, there are people who hate when they start to go bald. I can only imagine the frustration that you must be going through. That being said, allowing the hair on the sides of your head to grow out to 1 foot long and beyond is not the cure. All this does is allow you to do what too many balding men do and that is the comb-over approach. What's worse is that this trend has spiraled to the point where our English Dictionary has captured the essense of the word. Below is the entry:

    Main Entry: comb-over
    Part of Speech: noun

    Definition: An attempt by a balding person to grow the remaining hair longer and comb it over the bald spot to give the illusion of hair.
    Source: Webster's New Millennium™ Dictionary of English, Preview Edition (v 0.9.6)Copyright © 2003-2005 Lexico Publishing Group, LLC
    I'd like to say to those men in society that are doing the comb-over and/or are balding on the top part of your head....It's part of life. A bad hairpiece is not going to make you look any better. Reality is most people can tell when you do a hairpiece. The hair is parted to perfectly and the hairline never blends together without it being blatantly noticable. The comb-over is no better. It's not a solution. So just stop it. All I want to do is become a hair stylist and purposely cut off the long hair on the sides of your head so you can't do it anymore!

    Interactive: Do you do a comb-over? If so, why? Have you seen someone with a bad comb-over? Maybe they have a bad hairpiece? - Post your thoughts, stories along with rants and raves in the comments section. Simply click on the # to the right of the title to this entry and let your fingers do the talking. If you've got a picture of a bad comb-over or hairpiece that YOU'VE TAKEN...Originial work only....I'd love to see it, as well!

    link | Jason posted at 2:02 PM |

    Anonymous mel commented at 4:05 PM~  

    Having a visit from Mackeydoodles blog!

    Anonymous lydia commented at 5:05 PM~  

    I am 100% with you on this. Sadly I do not have any photos, comb overs are not things of beauty. Do they really think anyone is fooled? Do you get to a certain age and forget how bad it looks? I knew many teachers and doctors with BAD comb overs, problem is that when you go outside when it's windy it stands right up on end. That looks even worse! Make it illeagal! It's the only way.

    Anonymous Mackeydoodle commented at 1:02 AM~  

    I completely agree with you on the combovers! What the heck are those guys thinking!? My ex boyfriends dad had a halarious combover.....when it was a windy day & that sucker blew over, it had to be 4 feet long!!!

    Anonymous Russell commented at 7:47 AM~  

    I have to agree with you also. The comb over, a result of lowering your part area each month just a little more, doesn't fool anybody. Most people with it look foolish. I started to do that when I went bald but after the top was shiney it became harder to fool even myself.
    I will admit though, that I look better with hair and my wife agrees. I started a program with HairStart and couldn't be happier. My hair is fuller and healthier looking which makes me feel better about myself.
    And the wind, has become my friend. Ha-ha!

    Anonymous EYEthinkURaSCAM commented at 2:43 AM~  

    Nice advert you slipped in there. My god do americans ever stop trying to sell stuff to others.

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