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  • Monday, February 13, 2006

    Pet Peeve: Pathetic Blog Stats

    For the people out there who surf blogs, I am making a plea for you to subscribe to this blog. On the days you are happy, this blog will make you laugh. On the days you are pissed, this blog will make you say "hell ya!" and without you this blog is nothing.

    I decided to do a random search on the interent for the top rated blogs. I was quite pissed to find that the top blogs may average thousands of viewers a day but if you look at their statistics, you'll find the average viewer only spend 2 seconds on their blog. That's pathetic. Meanwhile, there are hundreds of blogs that have really good content and yet no one ever sees.

    Many people are surfing the Internet and use blog exchange sites. Yet few people take the time to really examine a site. They simply surf for credits and move on. It's sad, actually. There are a lot of blogs out in the world with great content. Some original. Others creative and unique. They go unnoticed except for the glimse that people give them.

    Challenge me...Read this site and post comments on the topics. You don't have to agree but by taking the time to post it shows you are out for more than just surfing credits. I'll post the results of this in three days ( to allow for ample data).


    link | Jason posted at 9:36 PM |

    Anonymous trying2bme commented at 3:22 PM~  

    I totally agree with you. It irks me to know that many people click on and over my blog. I'd like to think that some of what I say/think has some substance to it. I've been lucky though, I've had people post, request and share my blogs with others. Personally, I love your blog and have subscribed (missed that before).

    Have a great one... I'll be back :)

    Anonymous Matt Urdan commented at 4:52 PM~  

    OK, I agree with you. I subscribed to your site. I agree: great content gets ignored in favor of pretty graphics. I'll put my content up against anyone's, even the New York Times. But I admit, my blogger template needs help. So I'm learning CSS and working on a redesign. If pictures and pretty graphics is what it takes to lure readers into my web, so be it. Once they get there, I know my content will keep them there. In the mean time, I'm promoting my site every where I can. I launched it January 11. I started promoting it January 28, and now I'm up to about 150 hits a day and trending up. Good content will keep people, bad design will lose people. It's about finding a balance.

    Tell you what: You agree to link my site on your blog roll, I'll link you on mine. Deal?

    Have a great day, and most of all, keep writing!

    Anonymous Monika commented at 10:37 PM~  

    I read the ones I like (I'm surfing BE right now).

    Anonymous webloafer commented at 11:47 AM~  

    Blog stats are very unreliable; I have had people leave comments on my blog, that I know took several minutes to type, and the comment showed that the person had read my article, but the blog stat for that visit said 0 seconds. Pretty fast reader I'd say. A few times there is no record of someone visiting even though they left a comment. I have tried several different traffic sites, none have given me good results.

    Anonymous jessica commented at 6:58 PM~  


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