Things in life just seem to annoy me. You may call them Pet Peeves. For me, they are simply Life's Annoyances.I'm Mr. Peeves!

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  • Tuesday, January 31, 2006

    Driveby Farts

    Today My Mood Is: Humble!
    I have resisted posting this pet peeve but I believe now is the appropriate time to bring this smelly topic to the front of my blog. I have called it "DriveBy Farts".

    You know exactly what I am talking about. It's the simple act of walking by a person or place, letting it fly and continuing on to leave those you walked by in the pain of smelling your dirty stintch. You may giggle as it squeeks out but I assure you those you infest with your horrible smell are not giggling. Instead, they are asking "What the heck did that man eat?" And "Didn't his parents raise him with any manners?". In short, you are viewed as a rude individual with no manners.

    Sometimes, they are unavoidable. You are feel it and you just have to let it rip. It's enough to make your face turn beat red with embarrassment but you did it anyway. Why? Do you find humor in it? Or did you just not have the energy to walk away from the area where people were and let the air out in an area not to affect half of the town.

    Reality Check: It's GROSS! The last thing I want to do while I am out and about in society is smell your dirty air that has been stuffed up inside you for god knows how long. If you want to fart, that's fine. I am not saying don't fart. I am saying...go into a room where it's you and only you, push the air out and then stand in there for a few minutes. See if you are knocked out by your own smell!

    Interactive: Have you been a victim of a drive-by fart? What have you said? How have you handled the situation? Let the comments "Fly" by posting in the comments section. The comments section can be found by clicking on the number to the right of the title to this entry.

    link | Jason posted at 7:18 PM | 2 comments